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Because there are now nearly 1,200 members (OMG 0o) obviously there will be a christmas contest =)

The theme is (obviously) christmas. It can be anything so long as it's christmas related.

- Official Rise of the Guardians characters and OCs are allowed but the canon characters are preferred.
- Nothing graphic, racist or intensely sexual or pornographic please. Give warnings/censors when/if needed.
- Don’t fight, bully or harass each other.
- Don’t copy other people’s ideas.
- Don’t steal art.
- Collabs are allowed; if the collab wins then the prize will be split between the winners.
- Fanfictions are allowed.
- Any kind of art is accepted; traditional, digital, cosplay etc.

Prizes (coming soon)

The deadline is December 31st! If you do need more time note me and I’ll extend it a couple more days.

If there is anything I’ve left out or if you have a question, don’t be afraid to ask ^^

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